Selling Your Home Check-list

Homebuyers generally aren’t interested in a property that needs work unless you don’t mind selling it below market value. A home inspection (an all-encompassing examination) is advisable; it also goes a long way toward building a buyer’s trust and willingness to do business. To improve and get top-dollar for your property, there are three simple steps that you can take. If you don’t want to do any of those steps, you can keep your home clean and de-personalized.



Like any homeowner, you will take your furniture with you when you move. Unfortunately, personal items and wall décor distract buyers, so carefully pack and store your treasured items.

Kitchen — Clear the counters. It would help if you stored towels and soaps under the sink.
Bathrooms — Make the bathroom look rarely used.
Bedrooms — Clean out your closet, and never leave clothes on the floor.
Office Space — Keep all personal papers out of sight.
Appliances — ensure existing appliances are immaculately clean.

The general rule of thumb is: the kitchen, bathrooms, basement, and garage are ‘eggshell’; Interior doors and trim are ‘semi-gloss, the rest of the home requires ‘flat paint’ (with no shine) to hide unevenness (a neutral color such as white is popular); the exterior or any interior brick is ‘high gloss.’


You may find yourself with a long list of things to do – it takes hard work to get a home ready to sell. Anyone can put a house on the market, but not everyone can sell that house quickly or make the profit they want and/or need.