Buying a Home in Today’s Market

Today’s housing market is very competitive. As a potential home buyer, you can increase the odds of being the winning bidder on the home of your dreams with these important tips. Get pre-approved, not pre-qualified. Pre-approval confirms you are able to secure a loan for a set amount based on your verified credit, income, and assets. Your lender will provide you with a pre-approval letter that you should include in any offer you make. Know the market by researching properties currently for sale, as well as properties that have recently sold. The REALTOR that provided you with this video can help you understand the local market conditions. Make a well-priced offer… Don’t lowball. Keep in mind that while the price is always a factor, the highest offer doesn’t always win. The fewer contingencies that you place on the offer the better since clean offers are more appealing to sellers. To keep your offer clean, don’t add in all sorts of stipulations or special requests. Follow these simple guidelines and you will be presenting the strongest offer you can